About Us

Worldwide Records Limited

Worldwide Records is an independent record label based in Mumbai. The Company launched in April 2001 introduced its international partners in India via licensing and distribution arrangements and built a platform for their Repertoire through brand exposure and extensive distribution. It was one of the first labels to introduce the lounge music scene to India with the launch of the world-renowned Buddha

Bar and Claude Challe music series. Worldwide Records catalogue consist of over 25000 songs in various Indian genres like Indian Classical, Fusion, World Music, New Age and Indian Regional Languages.

Mobile Telecom Value Added Services

The company in keeping up with the new technologies and services branched out into the Telecom Vas business at its nascent stage in 2005 and spearheaded into the mobile and digital space to become one of the first aggregation companies in India. Worldwide Records Limited operates as a VAS Service Provider for Indian Telecom Operators and also as a VAS Content Aggregator across the World.   The Company provides the Digital Marketplace and expertise necessary for content holders to sell their music and content through our distribution expertise in Telecom, Digital & Internet Space.